19th October 1941

Lay later than I intended, but got down to the stables before Maura arrived. Got busy cutting chaff. Wonderful what two pairs of hands can do, we got through a whole truss in half an hour. Then carted it to Bourne Mill with Bob. Sat on the hay in the granary and discussed the future of the Mill property, which seems to be very bleak.

Lunch, washed, and away to Lawford with a set of harness for Mrs. Parrington. Fine warm day, and was carried there on the wings of the wind, scudding along in fine style. Stopped at Old Shields Farm, Ardleigh, to inspect the dead stock set out for sale tomorrow. Nice cob-size van and tumbrel which I should like.

Got to Sherbourne Mill at 4, and drove out with Roger [the Parrington's horse] in the ralli. He went very well, with a lot of shying. Going round by Humberlands, met little Rosemary, who remembered me from last year. Tea at the farmhouse, and then down to Dedham. Sisson there alone. Heard alarm in far distance, but no planes until nearly 10, when two went over, very low above heavy racing clouds, flying east. Back in the Castle by midnight, after a most enjoyable day.

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