3rd October 1941

Coming down High Street after lunch, I met the good looking woman whom I saw at a Repertory Show last winter, waiting for a bus at the Hippodrome. I stopped and chatted, and discovered she is staying at a café at East Bergholt. Promised to call and see her there.

Glorious sunny day. Had to take wages out this afternoon to Severalls Hall and Boxted. Children blackberrying in Severalls Lane. There was a tractor ploughing somewhere on the farm. I could hear it faintly, and a horse drawn flax puller near the house.

Called at Boxted Hall, to pay men there. Saw pretty land-girl. Called at Homedale Farm. They have several very good traps there, one very good indeed. Then went to Lt. Rivers, to Rose’s and found Mrs. Rose writing up and editing old Mr. Waller’s cycling diary, of about 1890. Not very interesting in my opinion.

She also had a list of Essex books compiled by old Waller, which was most useful, and I borrowed it to make a copy. Had supper by candlelight, flickering shadows on the beams now nearly 500 years old. Left at 10, in brilliant moonlight. Bombers were going over towards Germany. Went down to Bourne Mill and fed Bob. The Mill looked lovely in the moonlight. Owls were crying and squeaking all round. Called at home, and then to the Castle and bed.

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