6th May 1941

Still dreadfully cold. We have got the electric fire restored [in the office], but it makes little difference in such a huge room. It is said that a German plane was brought down near Jaywick, Clacton, last night, but I do not know if this is true. Wrote to Mother tonight.

Tried to get in at the “Regal” [Cinema] tonight, but the crowds were too big.
Very cold all day. Mrs. Parrington called this morning to ask if I would see Penelope Belfield about the little pony. Pretty Penelope is very careless, and it is to be feared will let the pony hurt either her or itself if she is not more cautious.

Poulter was furious today because we had an electric stove in the office. The main heat was turned off in the middle of last month, and no matter how cold the weather may become, Poulter refuses to run the boiler for another day.

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