18th May 1941

Glorious fine day. Drove over to Mr and Mrs Stuart Rose’s at Boxted with Bob. Tied him in the garden, but he broke away and ran over a ploughed field. I thought he would head straight for Colchester, but I managed to catch him just as he came onto the road. A most enjoyable drive back. Rain began at last this evening, so much needed. Heard the cuckoo at Bourne Mill.

Stuart Rose was an artist and graphic designer. His wife, Dodo, was a Russian emigre. They moved to Essex at the start of the war and Stuart Rose undertook farmwork for the duration of the war. From 1941, they lived at 'Little Rivers', a cottage in Boxted and in 1942, they had a baby daughter called Harriet. I would like to trace what happened to the Rose family after the war and if anyone has any further details about them, please let me know. Many thanks, CP

Update (19/5/2011): I now believe that Stuart Rose (born 2/10/1911) became the Design Director for the General Post Office from 1968 to 1976, when he retired. Rose initiated an innovative era of art and design in British stamps, commissioning artists such as David Gentleman and Ronald Maddox to produce memorable artworks for stamp series.

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