20th May 1941

Alarm in the early hours of this morning, and about 1 o’clock a ‘plane came low over the town and dropped four bombs in Lexden Park, just at the back of Councillor Blomfield’s house. Little damage done, and none are hurt. It appears that for some while the authorities did not know where the bombs had fallen, as there were no Wardens on patrol in the district. At first they went down to the Potter’s Field, thinking they were there.

Penelope came to tea with me today, looking very lovely indeed. Miss Blomfield came to Holly Trees this evening, and went through some of Dr Laver’s early MSS.


Anonymous said...

There was to bomb craters on the hilly fields on the east end in the early 60s Where these th ones made by the bombs in the diary ?

E J Rudsdale said...

Many thanks for this insight - I did not realise the bomb craters were visible for so long. I think they may have been caused the bombs that fell on 20th May 1941. Hervey Benham's account in 'Essex at War' records: 'Soon after midnight on May 20 a plane dropped bombs which made craters 25 feet across. Altnacealgach House, Park Road, headquarters of the Divisional A.R.P. Control, was principally damaged - partly in a curious way. A large apple tree was uprooted bodily and flung in the air, landing on the roof of the house!'

If anyone has any further information on the effects of this bomb damage, do get in touch. Thanks, CP