EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

8th February 1941

On 8th February 1941, EJR visited Dr Laver's sister to collect books from Dr Laver's Library that belonged to Colchester Castle Museum and he successfully retrieved William Wire's Diary. Further details on this are available in E.J. Rudsdale's book.

We came away heavily laden, and with an invitation to go there again next week to search for other things. I believe that Mrs Lyon-Campbell and her friend Miss Raven will really do their best. When I got back Hull was unfortunately in, and I had trouble to get the stuff in. H. immediately “took charge”!

This afternoon Maura Benham came to tea in Parnell’s Cell. We had a good time, and I really believe she enjoyed herself. She was looking remarkably well, and had apparently been having a quiet time in Paddington lately, no bombs at all.

Lovely night, though cloudy. Slight rain. Much warmer.

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