20th February 1941

Raid alarm this morning. A German plane was chased over the town twice, by RAF planes, machine guns going like mad. Capt. Round and several other people were in the office at the time, and we saw the Germans rush across and dive into a cloud. Nobody took any notice, except to glance up, much as I should have liked to have taken cover.

Molly Blomfield came in during the alarm, looking particularly charming in a green cloak and hood, with a scarlet lining. I showed her the Wire “Morants”.

Poulter told me today that not only had Mrs. Lyon-Campbell thrown away a great amount of Laver’s papers out of his desk, but she had also thrown away 38 gold Ancient British coins, which the servant had saved from the rubbish heap. Great excitement, trying to trace where the wastepaper goes to. Apparently it is baled and sent to Purfleet, so I fear there is little hope. Poor Laver, I wonder if he can see what she is doing.

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