10th May 1940

Announced on the Radio, 8 o’clock news, that the Germans have invaded Holland and Belgium this morning. Great excitement. General opinion is that the British Expeditionary Force will now smash them entirely, and the war will certainly end this year. Personally I am not so optimistic.

We had a meeting of the Civic Society this evening at 5 in the Holly Trees. I reported my business with the Town Clerk about the Council’s attitude to ancient monuments, in which he made it quite clear that the town would not consider any scheme for large scale preservation. This is very depressing, and I being to wonder if it is any use going on.


Jane said...

Sadly this sounds all too familiar today

E J Rudsdale said...

Yes, indeed - we don't seem to learn much from the past do we? CP

7374615 RAMC said...

It seems odd that people were predicting a quick victory over the Nazis in May 1940 given the fact that the Dunkirk evacuation would occur within 3 weeks!