9th June 1942


Serious news about Joanna today – the Local Man Power Board have definitely refused to allow her to continue her work [as a Supervisor for the Land Army], and she has received notice for a medical examination for the ATS [Auxilary Territorial Service] next week.  This is a most scandalous thing, as she is doing excellent work and I do not see how she can be replaced.  The poor girl is very upset, as well she may be.  I am trying by every means I know to discern who the Man Power Board may be.  I suspect though that they are permanent Civil Servants and quite out of reach.

Busy all day with Agricultural Returns.  The great “Tractor Immobilisation” exercise began at 1.30 this afternoon, and if it had not been for the fact that Joanna was in the office at the time and answered the ‘phone we should have known nothing about it.  As soon as I got in I ‘phoned to all Committee members and Parish Representatives but several were out and several more were at Ipswich Market, so I don't think the exercise will be very successful.

When I got back to Lawford tonight Frank Girling was there, and I told him all about Joanna.  He was surprised and horrified.

Rather cool today.

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