29th June 1942


Joanna came in today with her left arm in a sling, having fallen heavily on the stone stairs at Birch Hall.  She promised to come along with me on Wednesday to see Llewellyn’s: “How Green is my Valley.”

One of the Committee’s labourers came in this morning, and referred to me as “the chap what drives the fancy ‘oss.”

Poulter tells me that he has recently been talking to the Revd. Knock, who is full of the “American invasion” story, and is quite convinced that Colchester will be evacuated this summer for the Americans' benefit.  This is becoming too fantastic.  Yet the Revd. K. is so convinced he has actually advised Poulter to sell his furniture!  He (K) is leaving for Swanage very soon, so our fate does not interest him very much.

Had old Bob shod today, for the first time for months.

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