21st September 1941

Up at 8. Misty and warm. Breakfast, then down to the Mill to fetch Bob. The sun came out, and the wreaths of mist drifted away over the pond as I led him trotting up Bourne Road. Harnessed up, and away to Westfields to call for Maura Benham. We went along Spring Lane, Lexden, where the Home Guard were blocking the bridge. Met a man riding. Drove up the track opposite West House Farm, under the railway, onto the fields near Bergholt. There were thousands of lovely blackberries. Hedges’ pony was in one field, and began calling loudly, Bob answering. Climbed over to see the pony, a nice looking little beast. I think I might try to buy it. A Canadian despatch rider came along on a motor cycle, and tried to get the machine across a narrow plank bridge over St. Botolph’s Brook, where I had such a battle with Bob some years ago.

Ate lots of blackberries. Lovely view of the town from the top of the hill above the railway. Such a dreadful pity Stephenson has put so much bad work into West House Farm. He has quite spoilt it. Home Guard had all gone by the time we got back to the river.

This afternoon cycled to Lawford. Took Mrs. Parrington’s pony for a run in the luggage cart. Very much enjoyed myself. Went back to the Atterburys at Gunhill. On the way back saw Penelope, very pretty. Had tea at the Mill, then down to Sissons this evening. Talked about my old photos. Mrs. S. very kindly offered me a home for the winter. Most tempting. I must think it over. Alarm about 10. Distant explosions. All clear 11. Cycled home feeling rather ill, but better after hot milk. Lovely starlight night. Slight mist.

Saw a heron at West Bergholt this morning, flying along the valley.

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