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18th September 1941: Aurora Borealis Sighted

Beautiful fine day. Cold and misty in the early morning. Frightful muddles in the office today, chiefly about letting land, owing to “red tape” and careless mistakes.

Another alarm this evening. A strange light in the Northern sky, apparently the Aurora Borealis [the Northern Lights].

Update: 24th September 2011
Thanks to readers of E.J. Rudsdale's blog, it is now possible to confirm EJR's sighting of the Northern Lights in Essex on 18th September 1941. Roger Kennell of the Clacton Victoria County History Group has kindly contacted me to say that his father (who was in Clacton) recorded the following entry in his diary on Thursday 18th September 1941: 'Aurora Borealis seen tonight', confirming that it was possible for both EJR and Mr Kennell Senior to see the Northern Lights as far south as Essex that night. Many thanks, Roger, for your help with my enquiry. CP


Anonymous said...

Can you actually see the Northern Lights this far south?

Lucky man if he did!

Mike Dennis

E J Rudsdale said...

I didn't think you could see the Northern Lights in Essex either but perhaps having the blackout helped him to see it? Any ideas anyone? CP