Alwyne Garling's Wartime Colchester Diary

Readers may be interested to know that another Colchester wartime diary is now being published on-line. Alwyne Garling's Wartime Diaries provide a fascinating comparision with E.J. Rudsdale's Journals as both men were experiencing life in Colchester in the Second World War.

I can't help speculating if they ever met? Alwyne Garling was only six months older than EJR and both suffered from poor health. By a curious coincidence, Rudsdale's first job on leaving school was as a clerk at the Essex and Suffolk Fire Insurance Office in Colchester High Street before he joined the staff of Colchester Museum whilst Alwyne Garling spent his career at the Essex and Suffolk Insurance Society in Chelmsford.

Alwyne Garling's diaries have been transcribed by family historian, Heather Johnson, and each entry is being published on-line by Mark Colyer exactly 70 years after they were first written.



Heather Johnson said...

I am very honoured to have this link to Alwyne Garling's website on E.J. Rudsdale's Blog and I am indebted to Mark Colyer for making it all possible. Heather Johnson

E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks Heather, I'm delighted to have the link you have made to E.J. Rudsdale's blog on Alwyne Garling's website too. The more we can do to share these historic resources the better! Best wishes, Catherine Pearson