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I will be giving a talk as part of the Chelmsford Ideas Festival on E.J. Rudsdale's Journals, entitled 'Creating History: A Civilian's Experience of the Second World War in Essex' on Thursday 30th October from 7.30-9.00pm at Anglia Ruskin University. Tickets are free. Book your ticket here. Many thanks, Catherine Pearson

20th August 1941

Had to go to Severalls Hall Farm at lunch time today, to give instructions to some men. On the way back, going down Mill Road, I met an old bearded man walking slowly along the road. He waved his stick at me and shouted, so I stopped. He said “Have you got a pair of size nine shoes?” I was a little surprised, and said I was afraid not. He said “That’s a pity, I want a pair right bad,” which by the look of those he was wearing he certainly did. He then said, “Well, if you know anybody with a pair, send ‘em along to me, will you?” I said “All right, I will but where should I send them to?” “What” he cried “You don't know me? Just say Old Ben Humm, the King o’Milend! I shall get ‘em alright. Now goodbye to you, dear sir, and a lovely morning it is,” with which he tottered away down the road. A most benign, cheerful old fellow.

There was a shower before I got back, which came marching down the Colne Valley and sprayed me as I came down Turner Road.


Simon said...

This is such a great idea (I think I saw the article about this in the Colchester Standard).

My Nana would have loved this, she grew up in Colchester and often told stories about her experiences in the war.


E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks for your comment Simon - it's very kind of you. Glad to think the blog has such connections to the events your Nana would have experienced.
Best wishes, CP