20th August 1941

Had to go to Severalls Hall Farm at lunch time today, to give instructions to some men. On the way back, going down Mill Road, I met an old bearded man walking slowly along the road. He waved his stick at me and shouted, so I stopped. He said “Have you got a pair of size nine shoes?” I was a little surprised, and said I was afraid not. He said “That’s a pity, I want a pair right bad,” which by the look of those he was wearing he certainly did. He then said, “Well, if you know anybody with a pair, send ‘em along to me, will you?” I said “All right, I will but where should I send them to?” “What” he cried “You don't know me? Just say Old Ben Humm, the King o’Milend! I shall get ‘em alright. Now goodbye to you, dear sir, and a lovely morning it is,” with which he tottered away down the road. A most benign, cheerful old fellow.

There was a shower before I got back, which came marching down the Colne Valley and sprayed me as I came down Turner Road.


Simon said...

This is such a great idea (I think I saw the article about this in the Colchester Standard).

My Nana would have loved this, she grew up in Colchester and often told stories about her experiences in the war.


E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks for your comment Simon - it's very kind of you. Glad to think the blog has such connections to the events your Nana would have experienced.
Best wishes, CP