29th June 1941

Cool and cloudy. Cycled over to Lawford. Sawed up tree trunks this afternoon, both Parrington and myself making ourselves quite exhausted. In the morning, turning haycocks. Lovely lunch, with strawberries and cream. After lunch I ground some corn, read “Punch” and talked. Mrs. B. and Penelope came to tea, also Mr. Josiah Wedgwood, who is an authority on bees. Whether he is any relation to the potter I do not know. Penelope and I turned over more haycocks after tea. She was very nice, and promised to see me on Tuesday.

Left at 7. Glorious evening. Cycled through the Stour Valley to Dedham. The congregation were singing loudly in the chapel by the gurgling Black Brook as I cycled past. Called on the Sissons. Remarks made about the crowds of soldiers and girls strolling up and down the village street. Where do all these girls come from? Ribald comments on “our ally, Russia”.

Left at 11.30. Sun still sinking in the west, crescent moon rising. Colchester at midnight. Fed Bob. Called at home for a clean shirt.

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