7th March 1941

Had tea with Helen Kapp. She is really very nice, and told the most amusing stories. After tea went down and fed the horses and saw Bourne Mill in the gathering dusk, which she thought was very beautiful. Then, in spite of cold and rain, walked by the Wick and along Hythe Quay, talking hard all the time. Most enjoyable. Had coffee at the “Wishbone”, crammed with soldiers eating sausages and chips. Helen told me a fine ghost story. Saw her home to her lodgings in Maldon Road. She is a Jewess. She has lost all her belongings in London in a raid, has been knocked flat by a bomb explosion on Haverstock Hill and has had a friend killed by a direct hit at Hampstead.

Sleep walking again last night [at the Castle]. Things moved about. Wet day. Five short alarms during day time.

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