14th April 1940

This morning I drove over to Fingringhoe, and had lunch with Hervey Benham. He seems to be very happy now, but worries in case his [Coastal Patrol] station is moved away from Brightlingsea. It would be such a shame if he has to leave his little cottage less than a year after taking it.

After tea I had to go back and feed Nick and Bob, and met Charlie Woods on the way, and had a discussion with him about army service, as it appears he is 27. I always thought he was much more. The point is, if he is listed as head-horseman to Moy’s [Coal Merchants] he might not have to go, but if he does go he wants to get in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. I did not tell him that, as he was suitable for such work and would ask for it, that it would be the very last job he would be likely to get.

Hervey Benham, son of Sir W Gurney Benham, had volunteered to join the Navy's Coastal Patrol service earlier in 1940.

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