12th April 1940: Mysterious Footsteps at Colchester Castle

Butcher [Attendant at Colchester Castle Museum] reported to me today a curious occurrence which had been told him by two ladies this afternoon. They were alone in the Iron Age Gallery at about a quarter to 2, with no one on the upper floor, when they heard footsteps coming across the Crypt. Thinking that someone was about to come through the doorway into the Iron Age gallery, they stood waiting to let him through before entering themselves. No one appeared, and on going into the Crypt they were amazed to find the room empty as was the Small Gallery and the rest of the gallery floor. They immediately went down to the office and informed Butcher, who received the information with considerable calmness, saying that footsteps and noises were often heard in the Castle. The ladies thereupon left, somewhat shaken.

Went to the Repertory Players tonight, and saw them do “Gaslight”. Very good, and very well done. I have a great liking for these detective pieces of the last century. There is something very rich and dramatic about them.


Jane said...

Would love to know more about the Castle hauntings!

E J Rudsdale said...

Yes - me too! Does anyone have any more information? CP