The Centenary of E J Rudsdale's Birth: 14th February 2010

Today marks the centenary of Eric Rudsdale's birth on 14th February 1910. He was born in the New Town district of Colchester in a house overlooking the Recreation Ground.

To celebrate Eric's centenary some photographs from his journals are included below, recording different stages of his life. The entry from Eric's journal on the occasion of his 30th birthday in 1940, is given in the blog that follows this one.

Eric at the age of 4 in 1914, complete with obligatory sailor suit and a very nice teddy bear! (Photograph courtesy of Essex Record Office)

Eric in the grounds of Colchester Castle Park, c1930, shortly after he had begun work at Colchester Castle Museum (Photograph courtesy of Essex Record Office)

Eric on the excavation site for the Culver Street Library in Colchester in 1938, pointing out the intersection of the remains of two Roman Roads (Photograph courtesy of Essex Record Office)

This photograph of Eric taken at Wisbech Museum shortly before his death in 1951, has recently been supplied by Eric's family. The source of the photograph is currently unknown and I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me. It is possibly from a Cambridgeshire archaeological publication. CP

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