5th February 1940

Thawing hard now. Castle still without any form of heat other than an oil stove.


valsmom said...

I finally read about Colchester Castle Museum and the town of Colchester. It is fascinating. From reading "Claudius the God" - sequel to "I Claudius" - I knew that there had been a temple to the Emperor.

The history mentioned that the castle was built over the remains pf the temple. Is there anything left of it?

E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks for your interesting comment and yes, you can still see evidence of the remains of the Roman temple at Colchester Castle. The Roman vaults of the temple survive and form the foundations of the Castle. Regular public tours of the vaults take place during Castle opening hours. During the Second World War the vaults were used as a public air raid shelter and Eric Rudsdale helped to superintend the shelter. You can read more about this in the September 2009/1939 section of the blog - see 'Air Raid Shelters at Colchester Castle' Thanks, CP