27th March 1942

Bright, cold wind. Carting from Lawford Hall this afternoon – meal taken there to be ground. While I was waiting for Mrs. Parrington I noticed the following inscription on a tombstone in the churchyard, right against the wall:-

“And I heard a voice saying unto me, write blessed are they,” etc. It is to William Spooner, dated 1878, and stands just inside the churchyard gate, facing the Park.

Dull at night, the crescent moon to be seen faintly behind thin clouds. Went down to Dedham tonight at half past eight. Mrs. Sisson told me that when [the film writer] R. J. Minney was in London last week, he saw the Earl and Countess Baldwin lunching in a cheap little café in St. James’s, looking incredibly poor and shabby.

Baldwin resigned as Prime Minister in 1937 but during the war his reputation suffered owing to his support for the pre-war policy of appeasement. CP

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