28th January 1942

Went to the ‘Regal’ [Cinema] tonight to see “Billy the Kid”.

EJR received the following letter regarding his air raid shelter duty at Colchester Castle and kept the letter in his journal for this date:

Borough Police Headquarters
Queen Street

28th January 1942

To Special Constables controlling Air Raid Shelters,

Another twelve months has passed fortunately without incidents entailing the general use of the public shelters. I am kept informed, however, of the consistent and conscientious manner in which so many of you have continued to carry out the routine duties you have undertaken in this respect, and I now write to express my appreciation of your having done so. Let us hope the test does not come but if it does, as many in authority expect, your duty will be a responsible one and I am confident it will be carried out in a proper and trustworthy way.

Chief Constable of Colchester

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