EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

13th July 1941

Brilliant, hot, sunny day. Relieved at the Castle at 10am. Went down to the stables, got Bob up, and drove the swill van over to Fingringhoe. Saw Grubb, and asked about harness, but she has very little that is any use at all. However, agreed to buy two old sets for £5. Called at Hervey Benham’s on the way back. He has to go to a naval hospital again tomorrow, but expects to get a discharge. Lucky man.

While I was talking in the house, Bob wheeled the van round and started back to Colchester. Fortunately the wheel was tied, so he did not make a very good pace, and a man caught him near the Hall.

Back to Colchester, had a rough meal, and cycled over to Dedham. The Sissons were out, so I went along to Stratford, only to find Ida was out as well. However, I thought I would go through Langham to Boxted to call on the Roses.

Major Waller came in. He offered Stuart Rose the chance of a job with the Tendring [War Agricultural] Committee, drawing maps for the Farm Survey, which I thought was very good of him. Also, told an amusing story of a recent occasion when he was on the Bench, and two gypsies were brought up on a charge of camping on the road side at Copford. He said it was most amusing to hear them arguing as to who should pay both fines, and to see one produce an enormous wad of notes for the purpose.

Left at 10.30, and cycled home in a lovely twilight. Some cloud, looks like rain, and I hope very much that it does, as my pasture is quite exhausted and parched.

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