26th October 1940

An alarm at 12.30. When I was in my yard this pm, about 3.30, with Bob carting straw, I heard a plane diving, and was just in time to see a big Dornier appear out of cloud to the South. A man next me cried “Look, he’s dropping bombs!” and at once there were explosions, and I could see smoke. This man actually saw the bombs fall. At first I thought they might be near Bourne Road, and after hastily putting Bob inside I cycled down there and made enquiries but it was obviously a long way off. This evening I heard there were four bombs, and they fell on Berechurch Road, near the new camp, one right on the road, doing no damage or injuries. About half an hour after this the alarm blew, but nothing else happened. Bought half a ton of straw for 35/-. Cheap.

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