14th March 1940

Just to set off the spring-like day yesterday, the temperature dropped rapidly last night and there was a heavy fall of snow, but it did not lay very long, although it kept on all day. I felt very ill with the change.


Nancy said...

I am enjoying reading the diary. My husband and I lived in Colchester from March of 1953 until February 1955. He was stationed at Wethersfield Air Base. We visited the castle many times, and enjoyed watching soccer games on the summer lawn. The times changed from when E.J. Rudsdals was assistant curator and writing in his diary, and many many changes since we left 55 years ago. But many good memories and kind folks we met in Colchester. Thank you Ms. Pearson for posting this diary.

E J Rudsdale said...

Hi Nancy, Thanks so much for your kind comments - I'm delighted to hear that you are enjoying the diary and that it's bringing back so many memories of the time you spent in Essex. It's lovely to hear that you've found the site, I hoped it would be of interest to people who were stationed at the Essex Air Bases and it is wonderful to learn that we have made this link via the internet, Best wishes, Catherine